Call the Midwife: Season 12 Episodes

Jan 19, 2022

Episode 1: A New Beginning

Join us on an emotional journey as we kick off Season 12 of Call the Midwife. In this episode, the resilient midwives and nuns of Nonnatus House return to Poplar and face new challenges in the ever-changing landscape of post-war London. As they navigate through societal shifts, medical advancements, and personal trials, they continue to provide exceptional care to the women and families in their community.

Witness the dedicated midwives tackle complex medical cases, support expectant mothers through their pregnancies, and offer valuable guidance during the early days of motherhood. As we delve into the lives of both the midwives and their patients, we explore the themes of love, loss, compassion, and the unbreakable human spirit.

Episode 2: Miracles in Poplar

Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary stories brought to life in the second episode of Season 12. As the midwives of Nonnatus House continue their mission to provide care to the women of Poplar, they encounter miracles in the most unexpected of places. Marvel at the resilience of both the midwives and the community as they face illness, adversity, and heartwarming triumphs.

From complicated pregnancies to daring medical procedures, this episode showcases the unwavering determination and unwavering spirit that defines both the midwives and the women they serve. Step into the world of Call the Midwife and discover the incredible power of hope, healing, and the human connection.

Episode 3: A Community United

In the third episode of Season 12, experience the immense strength of a community united in the face of challenge and change. The midwives of Nonnatus House find themselves at the heart of the action as they work tirelessly to provide support to the women and families of Poplar.

As societal norms evolve and the world around them undergoes rapid transformation, the midwives must adapt and find innovative ways to deliver care. From advocating for women's rights to tackling new medical breakthroughs, they leave no stone unturned to ensure the wellbeing of their patients.

Episode 4: Embracing Change

Change is on the horizon in the fourth episode of Season 12. Step into the ever-evolving world of Call the Midwife as the midwives and nuns embrace the winds of change blowing through the community of Poplar. Amidst shifting social dynamics and groundbreaking medical advancements, they continue to provide exceptional care and support to those who need it most.

Experience the challenges and triumphs faced by the midwives as they navigate delicate family dynamics, empower women, and strive for progress in the field of healthcare. This episode offers a poignant exploration of the power of adaptation, resilience, and the bonds that hold us together.

Episode 5: A Lesson in Compassion

In the fifth episode of Season 12, witness the midwives of Nonnatus House impart invaluable lessons in compassion, understanding, and empathy. As they encounter a range of cases and circumstances, they extend their unwavering support, providing solace and comfort to those in need.

Follow the journeys of the midwives as they navigate personal challenges while maintaining their dedication to their patients. From moments of heartache to instances of profound joy, this episode explores the boundless capacity for kindness and the transformative power of compassion.

Episode 6: The Strength Within

Discover the strength that lies within each individual during the sixth episode of Season 12. As the midwives of Nonnatus House face hurdles, both professional and personal, they draw on their inner resilience to navigate the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and societal expectations.

With themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and personal growth, this episode unveils the profound transformations that occur when individuals trust their instincts and overcome adversity. Join us on this riveting journey as the midwives continue to demonstrate the unwavering strength that makes them true heroes of health.

Episode 7: Celebrating Life

As Season 12 nears its conclusion, the midwives of Nonnatus House gather to celebrate the beauty of life and the resilience of the human spirit. In the seventh episode, explore the moments of joy, triumph, and love that punctuate the experiences of both the midwives and the women they serve.

From dedicating their lives to ensuring safe births to supporting families through times of immense loss, the midwives embody the essence of compassion, empathy, and unwavering dedication. Witness the power of humanity and the profound impact that a single act of kindness can have on an individual's life.

Episode 8: A Farewell and a New Beginning

As Season 12 draws to a close, join us for a bittersweet farewell and an exciting new beginning. In the eighth and final episode, the midwives of Nonnatus House reflect on their journeys, the challenges they've overcome, and the lives they've touched.

Through tearful goodbyes and joyful new beginnings, this episode encapsulates the essence of Call the Midwife - the resilience, compassion, and love that binds people together. Discover the power of storytelling as we bid farewell to Season 12 and eagerly anticipate the future adventures of the midwives of Nonnatus House.

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Rebecca Sherrill
The friendships and support shown among the characters are a testament to the show's uplifting spirit.
Nov 15, 2023
Scott Lewis
Can't wait for this! 🙌✨
Nov 11, 2023
Sarah Parrish
Looking forward to this!
Nov 8, 2023
Ben Trask
The bond between the midwives and the community they serve is at the heart of what makes this show so special.
Nov 5, 2023
Velma Coleman
The show reminds us of the importance of empathy, compassion, and community in healthcare.
Nov 2, 2023
Nick Darling
I appreciate the way the show seamlessly integrates historical context with personal stories and character development.
Oct 30, 2023
Todd Turner
The series does a great job of shedding light on the often overlooked role of midwives in history.
Oct 14, 2023
Sean Robertson
The bond between the midwives and the community they serve is beautifully portrayed and a joy to watch.
Oct 9, 2023
Brandi Roberge
The show's commitment to portraying the challenges and triumphs of midwifery with authenticity and respect is commendable.
Oct 5, 2023
Add Email
The writing and character development in the series are consistently strong, making it a standout drama.
Sep 12, 2023
Weili Dai
I appreciate the show's representation of the strength and determination of women in overcoming challenges.
Sep 6, 2023
Hugh Osteen
The show's attention to the struggles and triumphs of the characters makes for a captivating viewing experience.
Sep 4, 2023
Sarah Huerter
I appreciate the show's dedication to portraying the challenges and triumphs of midwifery with authenticity and grace.
Aug 20, 2023
Matthew Prater
I enjoy how the show delicately weaves together personal stories with important historical context.
Aug 13, 2023
Laurent Louis
The show's ability to tackle difficult subject matter with sensitivity and grace is truly commendable.
Aug 4, 2023
Ian Lavey
Season 12 is off to a great start, and I'm excited to see how the storylines unfold for the midwives and nuns.
Aug 1, 2023
Jeremy Zheng
Season 12 promises to be another compelling and poignant journey with the midwives of Nonnatus House.
Jul 29, 2023
Lihong Huo
The show continues to advocate for the importance of midwifery and women's healthcare in a remarkably touching way.
Jul 20, 2023
Jeff Brodsky
The balance of drama and emotion in the show is masterfully executed, making it a compelling watch.
Jul 19, 2023
Laila Syed
The show's dedication to highlighting the often overlooked work of midwives is both educational and impactful.
Jul 12, 2023
I find the show's exploration of women's health issues and reproductive rights to be both important and enlightening.
Jul 10, 2023
Jeff Cryder
The show has a way of evoking a range of emotions, from laughter to tears, and that's why I love it.
Jun 25, 2023
James Ma
I appreciate the show's commitment to portraying the strength and resilience of women during challenging times.
Jun 18, 2023
Peter Samuel
I admire the way the show addresses social issues while still maintaining a sense of hope and optimism.
Jun 13, 2023
Saurav Shaw
The camaraderie and teamwork among the characters is truly uplifting and adds depth to the storytelling.
Jun 13, 2023
Brian Edwards
The show's ability to beautifully depict the human experience in the midst of societal changes is truly impressive.
Jun 6, 2023
Mandy Shipp
The show's ability to evoke empathy and understanding for the characters' experiences is truly powerful.
May 20, 2023
Bhupinder Singh
The attention to historical accuracy in the show's depiction of post-war London is truly immersive and impressive.
May 17, 2023
Chris Email
The series manages to merge historical context with deeply personal stories, creating a rich and compelling narrative.
May 4, 2023
Chris Tyner
I admire the show's ability to convey important messages about women's health and empowerment through compelling storytelling.
Apr 26, 2023
Dan Ingersoll
The show is a beautiful tribute to the resilience and strength of midwives and the communities they serve.
Apr 25, 2023
Petros Bezirganyan
The dynamics and relationships between the characters are rich and engaging, adding depth to the storytelling.
Apr 22, 2023
Jason Firestone
The characters are so well-developed, and I can't wait to see how they navigate the new challenges in Season 12.
Apr 21, 2023
Shannon Peterson
The show's portrayal of strong female characters breaking barriers is inspiring and empowering to watch.
Apr 5, 2023
Ritchie Brown
The attention to historical detail and accuracy in the costumes and setting truly elevate the viewing experience.
Mar 23, 2023
Debi McBride
I love the way the show celebrates the strength and resilience of women, both in the past and present.
Mar 21, 2023
Stacey Shue
The performances by the cast are always top-notch, bringing depth and emotion to the storylines.
Mar 19, 2023
Philibert Morin
I'm always impressed by the show's ability to tackle societal issues with thoughtfulness and empathy.
Mar 15, 2023
Jon Tsiatsos
The series' exploration of women's health issues and societal changes offers a valuable and thought-provoking perspective.
Mar 8, 2023
Willem-Jan Viveen
I'm always moved by the show's ability to address tough subjects with empathy and understanding.
Mar 3, 2023
Rhumina Stofa
I'm drawn to the show's unwavering commitment to highlighting the strength and importance of women in history.
Feb 25, 2023
Gary Summers
The attention to historical context and accuracy in the show's narrative is truly commendable.
Feb 8, 2023
Chloe Togna
The series captures the essence of compassion and dedication in the context of midwifery and women's health.
Feb 7, 2023
Mark Stealey
The character arcs and development in the series are a true testament to the show's quality.
Jan 30, 2023
Trisha Hallman
The show's examination of women's roles and the challenges they faced in history is both informative and moving.
Jan 27, 2023
Craig Kojima
The show's ability to shed light on important women's health issues is an important contribution to television.
Jan 26, 2023
Glenn Poe
I find the show's portrayal of hope and resilience in the face of adversity to be truly uplifting and inspiring.
Jan 21, 2023
David Deaton
The midwives' unwavering commitment to their community is truly heartwarming and inspirational.
Jan 18, 2023
Christine Luby
The show's exploration of social and healthcare issues is both enlightening and deeply moving.
Jan 18, 2023
Joe Mamone
The show's ability to convey the emotional depth of its characters and storylines is truly remarkable.
Jan 16, 2023
Tim Shannehan
The storytelling in Call the Midwife never fails to touch the heart and provoke thought.
Jan 13, 2023
Pablo Altman
The show does a fantastic job of highlighting the important role of midwives in women's healthcare.
Jan 11, 2023
Bob McGovern
The interactions between the characters are rich and authentic, making the show an immersive experience.
Dec 20, 2022
The show's portrayal of unity and support in the face of adversity is both moving and heartwarming.
Dec 12, 2022
Ron Breese
The series' portrayal of the enduring strength and compassion of midwives is both touching and impactful.
Nov 28, 2022
Octovio Lopez
I'm looking forward to seeing the characters grow and continue to navigate the changing times in Season 12.
Nov 21, 2022
Tom McKay
I appreciate the way the show sheds light on the resilience and strength of women in the face of adversity.
Nov 18, 2022
Mike Burke
The themes of love, resilience, and community in the series are beautifully interwoven into the narrative.
Nov 10, 2022
Mohamed Shahid
The heartfelt storytelling and genuine emotions make Call the Midwife a must-watch for me.
Nov 8, 2022
Doug Richardson
The show's ability to address important social issues with sensitivity and depth is truly commendable.
Nov 6, 2022
Leon Hopa
The series' portrayal of solidarity and strength in the face of adversity is both poignant and empowering.
Nov 5, 2022
Lupe Lumes
The show's ability to deliver emotional impact without being overly sentimental is a testament to its quality.
Oct 29, 2022
Senthil Sakkaravel
The strong female characters in the series are empowering and serve as great role models.
Oct 27, 2022
Joma Name
The series' portrayal of the midwives' camaraderie and mutual support is both heartening and relatable.
Oct 27, 2022
Use Name
The setting and costumes in this show are so authentic, it really transports you to that time period.
Oct 23, 2022
Michele Warneke
The attention to historical detail truly adds depth and authenticity to the show's narrative.
Oct 5, 2022
Edward Garvey
The dedication and passion of the midwives in their work is truly inspiring and admirable.
Oct 4, 2022
Armando Armando
The cast's chemistry and camaraderie on screen really enhance the warmth of the show.
Sep 8, 2022
Mark Levitt
The strong female characters in the series serve as a source of inspiration and empowerment.
Sep 2, 2022
Chris McFaul
I love how the show captures the strength and compassion of the midwives in facing the challenges of the post-war era.
Sep 2, 2022
Tou Lor
The depiction of the challenges faced by midwives in the post-war era is both educational and moving.
Aug 8, 2022
Nancy Stockwell
The bond between the midwives and the nuns adds a layer of depth and complexity to the storytelling.
Aug 5, 2022
Brenda Verdier
The resilience and determination of the characters in Call the Midwife are incredibly motivating.
Aug 5, 2022
The show's exploration of themes such as friendship, love, and resilience is both moving and enriching.
Jul 28, 2022
Michael Benjamin
The show's ability to navigate challenging themes with sensitivity and warmth is truly commendable.
Jul 18, 2022
Martin Wong
The show's ability to address difficult and sensitive topics with grace is a testament to its quality.
Jul 6, 2022
Francesco Donzelli
The cinematography and visuals in the series are stunning, adding to the overall immersive experience.
Jun 21, 2022
Bud McGann
The show's ability to balance heartwarming moments with stark realities is a testament to its emotional depth.
Jun 21, 2022
David Amanshia
I'm constantly impressed by the strong bonds and friendships portrayed among the characters.
Jun 12, 2022
Kirsi O'Connor
The show's portrayal of the midwives' dedication and sacrifice is both powerful and moving.
Jun 4, 2022
Nancy Li
The characters' journeys and personal growth are compelling and thought-provoking.
May 27, 2022
Ackers Auditor
The show manages to strike a balance between drama and heartwarming moments, keeping the audience hooked.
May 14, 2022
Adolfo Cruz
The diversity and inclusivity portrayed in the characters and storylines is a refreshing aspect of the show.
May 5, 2022
Ellis Carter
The series beautifully captures the essence of human connection and compassion in the context of healthcare.
Apr 30, 2022
David Dudding
The themes of resilience and community in Call the Midwife are so inspiring and heartwarming.
Apr 28, 2022
Richard Ingles
The show's ability to address serious topics with both heart and dignity is what keeps me coming back for more.
Apr 26, 2022
Shiro Fujita
The attention to detail in the historical context and setting immerse the audience in the world of post-war London.
Apr 1, 2022
Kenneth Martino
The show's ability to evoke a range of emotions truly speaks to its powerful storytelling.
Mar 22, 2022
Jennifer Glover-Hawkins
The writing and storytelling in Call the Midwife never fail to engage and resonate with the audience.
Mar 17, 2022
Calvin Wadsworth
The show is a beautiful tribute to the unsung heroes of midwifery and their impact on communities.
Mar 13, 2022
Bob Pacheco
The show is an emotional rollercoaster that never fails to leave a lasting impact.
Mar 10, 2022
Rogelio Rosa
The show adeptly captures the spirit and strength of the midwifery profession and the women it serves.
Mar 9, 2022
Karen King
The series' commitment to shedding light on the struggles and triumphs of midwifery is both enlightening and moving.
Feb 21, 2022
Eyal Toledano
The show's portrayal of the resilience and empowerment of women is both inspiring and emotionally impactful.
Feb 17, 2022
John Davis
I admire the show's ability to convey powerful messages while maintaining a sense of hope and compassion.
Feb 16, 2022
Ric Biasotti
The series does a phenomenal job of highlighting the unsung heroes of midwifery and their impact on women's health.
Feb 14, 2022
Liat Simovich
The themes of empathy and compassion are beautifully depicted in the relationships between the characters.
Feb 5, 2022
Ageas Insurance Limited
The show's ability to address important social issues in a compelling and respectful manner is truly praiseworthy.
Feb 4, 2022
Josiah Scalia
I'm always captivated by the authenticity and emotional depth of the storylines in Call the Midwife.
Feb 3, 2022
Jeanniey Mullen
I appreciate the historical accuracy and attention to detail in depicting the societal changes of post-war London.
Feb 1, 2022
Anja Michael
The portrayal of the midwives' dedication to their work is truly uplifting and heart-rending at the same time.
Jan 27, 2022